No "Strong Mayor" 

I am opposed to the "strong Mayor" proposal

I believe a group of highly engaged and decisive leaders makes better informed decisions, leading to better outcomes.  In my opinion, this proposal concentrates far too much power in one person's hands, circumvents Government in the Sunshine, disenfranchises voices in the minority and makes it too easy to cater to special interests.


Small Businesses

They create the foundation of our economy and are the bedrock of the American Dream 

We must create simpler and more predictable processes that make it easier for entrepreneurs to shoulder the risks associated with starting and operating small businesses. There's far too much bureacracy and red tape. 


User Friendly City Hall 

 "Business as Usual" is stagnating innovation and growth 

We're losing too many good business opportunities to other places because the burden of compliance and the excruciatingly slow permitting process makes it too hard to get deals done.  City government should be more responsive to its citizens.


Talent Retention & Development  

We need to foster opportunities in our community that create and retain A vibrant, Talented workforce 

Educating our workforce, from children to adults displaced by technology, is necessary to compete in a rapidly changing global economy.  We must improve our schools, foster a business friendly community, and make Lakeland the place people want to raise their families.  We must continue our progress on quality of life enhancers including parks & recreation, culture, the arts, and nightlife.   



Tell me what you care about.  

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